Digital Transformation



Actifio, Inc. develops copy data virtualization solutions.

The company offers Actifio CDS that supports applications, host operating systems, and third-party storage.

Its Actifio CDS is designed for large-scale deployments in heterogeneous data center environments.

The company also provides Actifio Sky, a copy data virtualization platform for the distributed enterprise; Big Data Director that helps customers protect and recover large-scale file systems; and Actifio Resiliency Director for non-disruptive, automated recovery, and test solutions. In addition,

It offers Actifio Sky for remote/branch offices and a cloud deployment option for businesses looking to shift enterprise workloads into the cloud.

Actifio One, a cloud-based service that provides an alternative to service providers to deliver managed services, such as backup, vault, and low RTO recovery services for a variety of applications on physical and virtual infrastructure.

OnVault, a long-term data retention solution that enables data re-use for business intelligence, analytics, compliance, and data warehousing tools to unlock business value.

Actifio, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.