Digital Transformation

Apeiron Data Systems


Apeiron Data Systems, Inc. develops a Direct Attached Storage virtualization platform and Apeiron Data Fabric technology that enables ultra-low latency scale-out clusters with independent scaling of compute and storage resources.

Apeiron Data Systems seeks to meet the industry demand for highly scalable NVMe solutions. With its Direct Scale-out Flash Storage technology, Apeiron integrates the extreme performance and low latency of NVMe-based flash storage with the benefits of networked scale-out storage.

These benefits include greater utilization, ease of management, and centralized protection. This new storage offering leverages NVMe over Ethernet (NoE) technology to deliver ultra-low latency storage networking, capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe drives and hundreds of application servers.

Apeiron performance is indistinguishable from internally connected drives (DAS).

Because Apeiron is passing native NVMe commands to the drives, any commercially available drive can be supported.

The ability to deploy solid-state drives from multiple suppliers and tailor the deployment to the application’s requirements offers considerable advantage.

This includes next-generation 3D XPoint technology from Intel, a platform capable of providing sub 10 micro-second response times.

The company is based in Folsom, California.