Digital Transformation

Caringo Swarm


Caringo, Inc. provides object storage software solutions.

The company offers CAStor, an object storage software solution to store unstructured data; Content Router, an automated rules-based solution for the distribution of data for increased access, data protection, or disaster recovery purposes; FileFly secondary storage platform, a solution that solves the issues associated with Microsoft Windows servers bloated with infrequently accessed unstructured data.
Cluster Services Node, a software application that streamlines installation and configuration of the network services to run a CAStor cluster.

It also offers Elastic Content Protection solution, which offers data protection functionality that expands or contracts to meet various storage SLA, footprint, or accessibility requirements regardless of capacity or file count.

CloudScaler that enables an organization to provide public or private cloud storage as a service; Indexer that offers insight and intelligence into data stored in the Object Storage Platform; and Swarm that offers architectural and management features to address issues found in big data storage, Web content delivery, and active archive environments.

The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Austin, Texas.