Digital Transformation



Datera, Inc. provides data storage software and systems.

Datera is transforming the traditional datacenter model through modern cloud simplicity.

The technology industry is at another major inflection point. The rise of mobile, the Internet of Things, and Big Data are challenging the existing design patterns of the Data Center.

The increase in complexity of managing legacy systems alongside new systems is beyond the ability of most IT departments. This leads to multiple tiers of storage and high economic costs, during a time in which IT is expected to do more with less.

Datera offers a radically new data management architecture, where innovative software makes the infrastructure invisible, elastic and able to perform at the highest level. It eliminates hardware lock-in and gives IT organizations the choice to source x86 server nodes that best meet their needs, with business model options that best align to their goals.

Datera provides block (SAN) storage on a public cloud, EBS-like basis, and its product is called the Elastic Data Fabric. It runs as software in x86 servers which have flash or flash and disk storage, and Datera sells a range of all flash and hybrid flash+disk appliances if you prefer to buy the whole EDF caboodle from them. Datera says EDF provides provides low latency data access with its flash hardware.

You can now have enterprise class performance combined with the simplicity and agility of hyperscale clouds – all on-premises. This is the dawn of the data era.

The company was formerly known as RisingTide Systems and changed its name to Datera, Inc. in January 2014.

The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Mountain View, California.