Digital Transformation



DriveScale gives data center managers the power to dynamically modify their infrastructures, enabling administrators to provision new projects in hours against the weeks.

Enterprises use the DriveScale System to future-proof their infrastructure, maximize data center efficiency and deliver higher service levels to their customers.

DriveScale’s disaggregation and recomposition technology is designed to better manage compute and storage resources by treating them as separate pools and then flexibly binding them together as required by modern applications.

The advancements in the latest version of the DriveScale System improve scale-out data center infrastructure deployments in the following ways: Path to workload-ready infrastructure.

With improved storage-ready functionality, customers can format drives with a filesystem of their choice and easily identify all the drives in the OS.

DriveScale Inc. designs and develops big data software.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Sunnyvale, California.