Digital Transformation

Easy Computing Company


EasyCo’s array of SSDs, WildFire Storage’s servers have a patented software layer that makes flash work better.

EasyCo implements LLC’s patented flash storage optimization software.

WildFire Storage Servers unique is EasyCo’s patented block translation stack called ESS (Enterprise Storage Stack).

This software layer changes how flash storage works.

Instead of relying on individual SSDs to act like HDDs, ESS lets flash act like flash.

With ESS, individual SSDs see only perfect linear writes.

The RAID-5 or RAID-6 layer sees only perfect linear writes.

This turns the storage hardware into a linear streaming engine that just sucks up the bytes, bandwidth is maximized, IO/s are maximized, wear is minimized.

WildFire Hard Disk Storage Stack (WildFire HDSS) achieves linear write rates without a smart controller, and works fine with both HBAs and software RAID.

Similarly, the memory map used by WildFire HDSS has been virtualized and needs only a small amount of memory for proper function.

Finally, WildFire HDSS supports compression, reducing wear and tear to the storage media.

The company was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.