Digital Transformation



HotLink Corporation provides a data center system management platform.

The Company offers interoperability between enterprise virtualization platforms and public cloud providers for virtual, cloud, and physical computing infrastructure

It offers HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware, a virtual integration and transformation platform that extends the robust management capabilities of VMware vCenter to all major enterprise hypervisors; and HotLink Hybrid Express that simplifies the management of hybrid clouds through a VMware vCenter plug-in supporting Amazon EC2 and CloudStack resources.

The company’s SuperVISOR for VMware abstracts the virtual infrastructure to support other hypervisors utilizing the underlying capabilities of VMware vCenter.

It also offers HotLink Transformation Engine, a technology to abstract virtual infrastructure metadata and decouples VMware vCenter from the underlying VMware vSphere hypervisor; and HotLink Cloud-Attach Platform that enables customers to incorporate public cloud resources into their existing production data centers.

The company serves companies in technology, financial services, telecommunications, and Internet search.

HotLink Corporation was founded in 2010 and is based in Sunnyvale, California.