Digital Transformation

Igneous Systems


Igneous Systems, Inc. builds and maintains enterprise data center infrastructures.

The Igneous Data Service, designed to deliver the value of IT cloud services for data that organizations need to keep within their own data centers.

With Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud, you can consolidate all your secondary storage and eliminate silos of backup, archive, and long-term storage.

You can also leverage Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud for primary storage of custom or third party applications utilizing S3 API.

Igneous handles all monitoring, maintenance, software updates and troubleshooting of on-premises equipment used by the Igneous Data Service.

To enable new application workflows, the Igneous architecture is built utilizing a modern microservices approach and incorporates stream processing, an event-driven framework, and container services.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Seattle, Washington.