Digital Transformation



NEC Corporation engages in the integration of information technology (IT) and network technologies worldwide.

The company provides hardware products, such as servers, mainframes, supercomputers, storage products and software products that consist of integrated operation management, application servers, and security and database software.

Additionally, the company provides systems integration services, such as systems implementation and consulting; maintenance and support services; outsourcing/cloud services; and system equipment.

NEC Storage for SAN/NAS Unified System
NEC Storage M series, a storage family consists of All Flash Storages and Hybrid Storages, has always been a robust SAN system rich in functionality that maximizes the productivity of virtualized and cloud environments.

Now it has expanded its lineup to include NAS Gateway enabling all models to support both SAN (block data access) and NAS (file data access) and converged multi-protocol host

NEC Storage for Backup & Archive a unique product for secondary storage, which leverages grid storage technology.

NEC Storage HS Series is the advanced backup/archival storage that is able to compete with traditional tape backups when it comes to cost and disk based backups when it comes to speed by utilizing grid storage technology.

NEC Storage HS Series provides capacity optimization, advanced data protection and high availability for long-term data.

NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.

The company was formerly known as Nippon Electric Company, Limited and changed its name to NEC Corporation in April 1983. NEC Corporation was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.