Digital Transformation

Primary Data


Primary Data offers data storage services.

Primary Data’s DataSphere software platform into a metadata engine that automates the flow of data to help enterprises meet evolving application demands at petabyte scale.

DataSphere optimizes scale-out NAS for performance without bottlenecks, integrates easily with the cloud, automates data management, and provides client and file visibility with billions of files hosted across different storage systems.

Enterprise scalability with automated management of billions of files enables companies to serve and manage data at petabyte scale. Supercharge scale-out NAS performance for unstructured data and other NAS workloads with vendor-agnostic support for Dell EMC Isilon and NetApp ONTAP solutions.

Accelerate Cloud access with direct interfaces for Amazon S3 and compatible cloud platforms; scale cloud uploads and downloads linearly while preserving the namespace for applications. Serve diverse enterprise environments with expanded support for Linux, Mac and Windows, including Linux, macOS, and SMB support for Windows Server 2008/Windows 7 and later.

The DataSphere software platform virtualizes data by splitting the control path from the data path, separating data from the underlying storage so that it can be managed independently of hardware. By creating a global namespace that spans cloud, shared and local storage.

DataSphere’s powerful policy engine flows data to the ideal storage resource to automatically meet performance, price and protection requirements. In addition, DataSphere can monitor and move cold data to lower cost tiers like the cloud while maintaining accessibility.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Sandy, Utah.