Digital Transformation



QUMULO, INC. develops data-aware scale-out NAS storage systems that provide users with real-time visibility into their data footprint.

It offers Qumulo Core, a data-aware scale-out NAS solution that helps CIOs and storage administrators to store, manage, and curate numbers of digital assets.

The company provides its data-awareness solutions to clients in media and entertainment, life sciences, oil and gas, higher education, and other sectors.

Qumulo Core is now available on HPE Apollo servers, offering flexibility for enterprise customers that want next-generation scale-out file and object storage software on-premises or for private cloud workloads.

Built for the higher levels of performance and efficiency, Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo servers is a future-proof solution for storing and managing hundreds of petabytes and tens of billions of files and objects.

Now that Qumulo has demonstrated the flexibility of Qumulo through hardware independence, portability of Qumulo Core into private and public clouds will provide enterprises with a complete software-only scale-out NAS solution for storing and managing data anywhere, while gaining complete awareness of their data footprint at incredible scale.

Customers can create fine-grained policies and take billions of snapshots with easy access via NFS and SMB.

Along with massively scalable storage and high-performance processing, they included real-time analytic/data-aware functions so enterprises can easily understand and manage the data that is their business’s lifeblood.

QUMULO, INC. was founded in 2012 and is based in Seattle, Washington.