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Quobyte GmbH provides information technology services.

The Company manages all clients disks and SSDs and makes them available to the full range of applications through common storage interfaces.

Quobyte GmbH develops software-only storage systems that run as software on COTS hardware.

It offers carrier-grade storage software for enterprises that runs on off-the-shelf hardware.

Quobyte’s software storage system combines a high-performance parallel file system core with native data redundancy and safety features such as replication for data and metadata.

Quobyte offers high performance, simplified management of large-scale data repositories and is the first software-only scale-out storage to provide complete fault tolerance and split-brain safety.

As a POSIX-compatible file system, Quobyte runs any application and any workload while safeguarding data and freeing it from the restrictions of local hardware storage.

The company was formerly known as Xtreem Storage Systems GmbH.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Berlin, Germany.