Digital Transformation

Ravello (Oracle)


Ravello Systems Inc. provides cloud-based virtualization software solutions.

It offers develop and test VMware/KVM applications with complex networking in AWS or Google cloud; virtual training to deploy complex multi-VM application environments for training.

OpenStack, an on-demand multi-node OpenStack labs for development, testing, training, sales demos, and PoCs; ESXi, a run VMware ESXi lab environment for demos, develop and test, PoCs, and training solutions.

Deployment of encapsulated on-demand VMware/KVM applications with L2 networking in various public cloud regions for sales demos, PoCs, and partner events; and networking and security smart labs.

Ravello’s storage overlay solution focuses on performance, persistence and security.

It abstracts native cloud storage primitives such as object storage and various types of block devices into local block devices exposed directly to the guest VMs.

Everything from the device type and controller type to the location on the PCI bus remains the same, hence it appears to the guest as-if it was running in its original data-centre infrastructure. This allows the guest VM to run exactly as is with its storage configuration as if it was running on premises.

Ravello Systems Inc. was founded in 2011 and is based in Palo Alto, California. As of March 11, 2016,

Ravello Systems Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation.