Digital Transformation

Scale Logic


Scale Logic, Inc. manufactures computer hardware and software.

The Company offers storage products, file systems, project management, media management, and WAN optimization software, as well as provides data center services. Scale Logic operates in the United States.

Genesis Unlimited is a media-centric SAN appliance that has been developed specifically for dealing with the complexity of shared storage.

The Genesis NX series of NAS and integrated storage server sub-systems provide customers with high-performance data storage at a competitive cost/GB.

HyperFS presents a unified storage file system that takes the worry out of shared SAN/Block and Scale-Out NAS/File data storage.

HyperFS is a scalable, high-availability, global file system supporting both block and file based protocols simultaneously to deliver both high-bandwidth SAN and dynamic, on-the-fly Scale-Out NAS functionality.

Scale Logic is headquartered in Bloomington Minneapolis.