Digital Transformation

Sureline Systems


Sureline Systems provides enterprise-grade Application Migration and Disaster Recovery to any Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Sureline was founded in 2011 to deliver server migration and disaster recovery software.

The Sureline SUREedge® software has evolved to handle enterprise scale environments with hundreds to thousands of servers efficiently and securely using automated processes.

The SUREedge technology does this with smart data capture, a UI driven migration planning and management process, efficient and secure data movement with deduplication and encryption, and minimal down time of production applications.

With SUREedge ‘any-to-any’ capability, any physical system or virtual machine can be migrated to any hypervisor or cloud.

Cloud technology with SUREedge solutions removes the complexity of large-scale migration and DR with a simplified process for planning, capturing, transformation and recovery.

Sureline’s SUREedge is a proven enterprise-class software solution for Cloud Migration, Cloud Disaster Recovery, Datacenter Consolidation and Application Mobility.

SUREedge is source and destination agnostic working from any physical server, any hypervisor, any cloud, and any storage including hyperconverged to any other.

Sureline ensures reliable movement of any server, its applications, its data, and interdependencies.

Sureline was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Clara California.