Digital Transformation

Symbolic IO


Symbolic IO Corp. develops computational defined enterprise data storage solutions.

Symbolic IO is the first computational defined storage solution solely focused on advanced computational algorithmic compute engine, which materializes and dematerializes data – effectively becoming the fastest, most dense, portable and secure, media- and hardware-agnostic storage solution.

The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Ignomirello, the former CTO of Hewlett Packard’s Global storage team, in an effort to transform the current enterprise storage industry from focusing on hardware, cards, chips and processors to embracing the way that big data works today and address the challenges facing companies with legacy systems.

Symbolic IO server hardware and operating system implements computationally defined storage (CDS).

Based in Holmdel, NJ, in the former Bell Laboratory facility, Symbolic IO and its IRISâ„¢ products are set to transform enterprise data storage for media, government, healthcare, finance, military and other industries.

By allowing traditional storage activities that relied on drives, chips and processors to be media-agnostic and data driven, Symbolic IO provides faster access, greater security and decreased overhead costs.

The company was formerly known as Symbolic Technologies, Inc. and changed its name to Symbolic IO Corp. in June, 2012.

Symbolic IO Corp. was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Holmdel, New Jersey.