Digital Transformation



Symply, Inc., a global provider of high-performance digital storage solutions.

SymplyULTRA, the next evolution of the ultra-modern collaborative storage workspace.

SymplyULTRA is a truly complete collaborative ‘workspace’ – developed from the latest available technologies including proven Intel Xeon multi-core processors and a bedrock Linux operating system.

The advanced architecture features a powerful software-defined virtualized RAID and application hosting environment that deeply integrates high-availability StorNext®5 integration with nearly unlimited tuning and optimization capabilities.

This powerful combination allows SymplyULTRA to deliver on the concept of the ‘complete collaborative workspace’ – an inclusive collaboration environment for Fibre Channel and Ethernet users.

While ensuring truly seamless collaboration and connectivity – the system is absolutely designed for performance.

Symply, Inc. is an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, designed for media professionals.

SymplyIO just like SymplyULTRA is effortlessly monitored and managed with SymplyRTM software.

Symply is located in Torrance, California.